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Search for an Ambulance Service

We help you to find an ambulance on our health platform in an emergency or for any medical transportation.

We don't want any one to be delayed medical attention because of non availability of an ambulance.

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Remember to only call 999 in an emergency so we are available to those who need us the most.

Trending Ambulance Services in Africa


AMREF Flying Doctors  , Kenya
Tel : +254 20 699 2000 , +254 733 639 088

St John Ambulance , Kenya
Tel : +254 20 2210000 , +254 721225285


Emergency Plus Medical Services , Kenya
Tel : +254 20 2655250 , +254 717 714938

Are You an Ambulance Service Provider ?  Help to Save Lives !

Ambulance Rentals



Corporate organizations can rent or have a dedicated ambulance for their employees stationed at their office or nearby.



Communities can rent an ambulance for their residents  by providing a superior level of care when it matters most.



Ambulances can be  rented for events and conferences  as a standby in an emergency